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Issue 26

Notes on the consolidated financial statements

The notes to IFRS consolidated financial statements prepared in the EU must contain disclosures on newly adopted standards and interpretations (IAS 8.28) as well as on standards and interpretations that have been issued but not yet adopted (IAS 8.30). Read more… IASB The IASB published amendments to IFRS 2 “Sharebased payment” on 20 June 2016. These include clarifications
on individual questions concerning the accounting and measurement of cash-settled sharebased payment transactions. Read more… EU Endorsement On 25 November 2016, the EU Commission announced the adoption of IFRS 9 into EU law. The announcement in the Official Journal was made on 29 November 2016. Read more… ESMA The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published its annual Public Statement on European Common Enforcement Priorities (the Statement) which identifies enforcement priorities for listed companies’ 2016 financial statements and highlights the need for transparency in disclosing the potential impact of Brexit on issuers’ financial statements.