Federal Budget Highlights

  • Federal Budget Highlights
  • Shareholder Loans
  • Caregiver, Spousal and Equivalent-To-Spouse Credits
  • Around the Courts

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Issue 28

Notes on the consolidated financial statements includes:

  • Required disclosures in the notes on the legal status of IFRS
  • Effects of new or amended standards and interpretations (IAS 8.28)
  • New or amended standards and interpretations not applied (IAS 8.30).

IASB includes:

  • IASB publishes amendments to IFRS 9
  • IASB finalizes amendments to IAS 28
  • IASB publishes exposure draft on IAS 8 entitled “Accounting Policies and Accounting Estimates”
  • Published exposure draft on the definition of “material”
  • Practice statement “Making Materiality Judgements” issued
  • Update of the IFRS Taxonomy for the submission of electronic financial statements.

Other standard setters includes:

  • Q&A document on the introduction of IFRS for SMEs.

EU Endorsement includes:

  • EU Endorsement Status Report.

ESMA includes:

  • ESMA 2018 key audit areas
  • ESMA issues further Q & As on the Guidelines on Alternative Performance Measures
  • ESMA: Enforcement decisions published.

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