“Big enough to know, yet small enough to care,” Davidson & Company is an accounting firm that puts clients at its core. We offer a full range of accounting services in North Vancouver and bring with us over 35 years of experience.

Services We Offer in North Vancouver

Auditing & Assurance

Davidson & Company is known as a reliable auditor and assurance firm when it comes to auditing companies in North Vancouver, Canada, and around the world. Our services in this field include financial statement audits, public company audits, private company audits, initial public offerings (IPO), reviews and compilations, and internal audits.

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Private Entity Group Services

We understand that each individual and enterprise in North Vancouver has unique financial needs, which is why Davidson & Company’s Private Entity Group works alongside our tax group and clients to ensure they are met. We offer consulting, taxes, and financial reporting services, and cover a wide array of specializations.

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From Canadian corporate taxation to your personal taxation needs, Davidson & Company is a reliable choice for all your tax requirements. The range of services we offer in North Vancouver covers Canadian corporate taxation, US corporate and personal taxation, transfer pricing, corporate and estate tax planning, Canadian individuals and trust taxation, and international taxation.

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U.S. Tax

When it comes to cross-border tax issues, it is key to take a proactive stance and work with a team who knows what they are doing. That’s why Davidson & Company’s skilled and experienced cross-border tax consultants are committed to deliver the results that you need in a timely and cost efficient manner. We provide services in U.S. corporate taxation as well as U.S. personal taxation.

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Full Range of Services

Davidson & Company’s expertise also expands to other areas including IFRS consulting and transfer pricing, to name a couple. To review the full list of services that we offer, click the button below.

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