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Update on Charity Donation Tax Shelters

  • Update on Charity Donation Tax Shelters
  • Deducting Interest Expense
  • Leap Year Reminder: Trust Return Deadline
  • Don’t Do Too Much Trading in Your TFSA
  • New Standard for the CRA Needing to be “Reasonable”
  • International Tax Rules – Massive Changes
  • Around the Courts

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Income Attribution Rules

  • Income Attribution Rules
  • Unused Losses – Carry Them Back or Forward
  • Overview of Tax Filing and Payment Dates
  • Campground Businesses and the Small Business Deduction
  • Around the Courts
  • Quebec Filing Extension

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Tax Quiz

  • Tax Quiz
  • Bare Trust and Nominee Agreements
  • Around the Courts
  • Tax Quiz – The Answers
  • Erratum August 2019 Tax Letter

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